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Physicians and Medical Experts

CME offers the finest QME practice management services in California. Our company was started by QME physicians who quickly understood that managing a thriving med-legal practice can be very difficult without the proper support system. We aim to handle all of the administrative details involved with med-legal work so our experts can concentrate only on the evaluations and reports. In addition to practice management services, we offer access to free QME education courses, report writing consultations, and marketing services to maximize the caseloads of our experts.

CME actively recruits physicians to perform a variety of medical-legal evaluations throughout California, including QMEs, AMEs, IMEs, FFDEs, Expert Witness Testimony, Medical Record Reviews, and Disability Evaluations. We are particularly interested in physicians who specialize in Orthopedics, PM&R, Pain Medicine, Psychiatry, Neurology, ENT and Internal Medicine.


Attorneys and Insurance Carriers

Attorneys and insurance carriers rely on CME to find the best medical experts for their specific needs. CME has a network of over 150 medical experts, many of whom have extensive experience with IMEs and Expert Witness Engagements. We also have over 80 exam locations all over California, making it optimally convenient to schedule evaluations in any area.

Our specialists thoroughly vet every one of our physicians to ensure that the experts we submit to attorneys and insurance carriers have the right qualifications for each individual case. All of the medical experts we recommend for IME cases and Expert Witness Testimony are highly credentialed and have undergone specialized training to make certain that they are sufficiently prepared to perform high quality evaluations.


Employers and HR Professionals

CME assists employers and HR professionals in finding physicians to conduct employee medical examinations. The most common type of evaluation requested is a Fitness for Duty Exam, which would be needed in a situation where the employer feels the employee may be physically or mentally unable to perform essential job functions.

CME has physicians in all specialties throughout California who are experienced in performing Fitness for Duty Evaluations (FFDEs) as well as other types of Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs). Our network of over 150 medical experts and over 80 exam locations to choose from across the state of California make CME a highly convenient option to utilize for all employee medical and psychological evaluations.