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Full-Service QME Practice Management

California Medical Evaluators provides full-service medical legal management for QMEs, AMEs and IMEs. CME makes the physician’s experience in becoming a QME (or joining our group) as smooth as possible. Our proprietary practice management system allows you to simply see your applicant and dictate your report; there is no full-time office to manage, staff or billing worries. Our concierge service provides all scheduling, offices, transcription, billing, DWC compliance and clear organized and concise records uploaded for easy access. CME physicians are also assigned a personal scheduler to handle all phone calls, questions and paperwork. We foster a professional and collegial environment in which physicians routinely provide peer to peer consultation to one another. CME utilizes a rigorous training process to ensure that all physicians are familiar with complex medical legal concepts. This process results in comprehensive and fair reports that are widely respected by the legal and insurance communities.

Benefits of Working With California Medical Evaluators

1. Turnkey QME Practice Management: Everything you need to get started quickly and efficiently.

2. Education & Mentorship: As a newly appointed QME, you need extra support when getting started.  We offer a industry leading QME Starter Package, designed specifically for you.

3. Advanced Data Analytics & Strategy: We constantly analyze DWC data looking for trends and opportunities to improve your practice.

4. Sophisticated Marketing/Promotion: We have the Marketing expertise that is focused on building your personal brand in the med-legal market.


Spend 30 minutes on the phone or in-person with me and I will help you understand every aspect of running a successful QME practice including determining what locations you should list in to meet your goals.

Schedule a consultation with Doug online by clicking here or call/text me to set-up a time to meet. Phone: 310-625-6923.