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The QME Starter Program

Turnkey QME Practice Management Services For Newly Appointed QMEs

For the past several years, California Medical Evaluators as been the TOP choice for newly appointed QMEs.  There are 3 reasons for this!  We not only focus on provide the finest QME practice management services, but we also work with you to ensure you are delivering the highest quality reports.  We do this by focus on education and mentorship to ensure you become the expert that you strive for.

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Available QME Services: With California Medical Evaluators

  • QME Practice Strategic Analysis – Our experts take a look at your practice goals and the opportunity in the market and create a personalized strategy for your med-legal practice.
  • Office placement & management – We utilize a proprietary methodology that leverages over 500,000 data points to ensure you are in the optimal office locations.
  • Schedule management, evaluation coordination and DWC compliance – Our specialized team does it all so that you only need to show up for the evaluation
  • Record digitization and review of records summary – Everything will be accessible online for you to review and act on in a very timely manner
  • Dictation/Transcription – Rapid turnaround times enabling you to complete your report within specific timelines
  • Report review, editing and QA – We utilize certified impairment rating specialists to ensure your final reports are of quality and compliance
  • On-site medical assistant – There to ensure all parties show up, help prep for your evaluations and manage any issues that may arise.
  • Bill review – Ensure that all submitted bills are accurate and compliant
  • Collections – Our team of highly experienced collectors does everything possible to ensure what is owed is collected. Based on my research, we have one of the best collection rates on the market
  • QME Education – Online access to a variety of report templates and continuing education courses
  • Marketing & Promotion – Focused on improving both your QME panel conversions and your opportunities for other med-legal work