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Alon Frydman, DDS, QME


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Dr. Alon Frydman, DDS, QME is board-certified in Dentistry and practices out of his office in Los Angeles, California. He is available for PQMEs, AMEs or Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) at several locations throughout Los Angeles County.


Dr. Frydman, DDS, received both his Bachelors degree and his Dental degree from University of California, Los Angeles, and completed his specialty residency at the Advanced Periodontology Program at University of Southern California. He is currently a full-time Associate Professor of Clinical Dentistry in the Division of Periodontology and the Division of Restorative Sciences at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at University of Southern California. He is engaged in clinically training residents to be the surgeons of tomorrow and dental students in working with periodontal specialists. Dr. Frydman teaches continuing education courses in treatment planning and implant therapy and lectures nationally on topics related to aggressive periodontitis and implant disease. He also maintains a private practice in periodontics.

Dr. Frydman is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology as well as an Examiner for the American Board of Periodontology. His research and publications focus on implant therapy, periodontal disease, and immunocompromised populations. He also serves as a reviewer for the California State Board, as a peer reviewer for the Los Angeles Dental Society, and is an ad hoc reviewer for many peer reviewed scientific journals.