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Steven Silvers, DPM, QME


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Dr. Steven Silvers, MD, QME is board-certified in Podiatry and practices in Los Angeles, California. He is available for PQMEs, AMEs or Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) at several locations throughout Los Angeles County.

DR. Silvers BIO:

Dr. Steven Silvers has specialized in sports medicine and foot surgery for over 35 years. He received his bachelors degree from University of California, Los Angeles and his medical degree from the California College of Podiatric Medicine. His Residency in Podiatry was completed at Beverly Glen Hospital.

Dr. Silvers is currently Attending Staff at LAC/USC Medical Center and Active Staff at St. John’s Hospital Medical Center and Santa Monica Hospital Medical Center. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and a Qualified Medical Examiner for the California Industrial Medical Council.

A former Clinical Assistant Professor of the California College of Podiatric Medicine at the Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center, Dr. Silvers was a Physician Specialist for the Track and Field Medical Team for the 1984 Olympic Games held in Los Angeles. The following year, he held the same position for the World Games For the Deaf.

He has been an early adopter of various technologically advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities, including the use of diagnostic ultrasound, digital x-rays, extracorporeal shockwave, radiofrequency lesioning, laser treatment for fungal infections of the nails and fluid silicone injections.

Dr. Silvers was one of the first podiatrists in California to perform extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) with the Dornier Epos Ultra shockwave generator for the treatment of chronic plantar fasciitis. Currently, he is providing shockwave treatment utilizing Radial ESWT, a newer technique that is provided at lower cost and does not require any anesthetic.

In addition, Dr. Silvers was one of the first podiatrists in California to provide laser treatment for nail fungal infections with use of the Pinpointe Laser, the first laser which was cleared by the FDA for use on this type of infection.

While a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center, Dr. Silvers was trained by Dr. Sol Balkin, a pioneer in the use of fluid silicone injections for podiatric applications. Dr. Silvers has added this nonsurgical treatment modality to his practice, as demonstrated efficacy rates are approximately 75% in eliminating symptoms associated with painful skin lesions of the foot.