What our doctors say
Eric Levander, MD QME

“CME is an efficient and professional organization. They have walked me through thee evaluation and deposition process. They have given me helpful techniques to increase my QME visibility. I appreciate their outstanding IT department and their fast, responsive customer service. All in all a top notch, well-run organization that understands a busy physician’s needs.”

Robert Ashley, MD QME

“CME has been extremely helpful in handling the administrative side of QME work. CME’s support allows me to bend my focus solely onto the case before me, without worrying about the administrative aspects.”

Andrew Berman, MD QME

“ With CME, I noticed a steady flow of applicants. This is not something I saw with other management companies.”

John Lawrence, MD QME
Orthopedic Surgery

“CME is definitely friendlier and easier to work with. CME personnel are always pleasant and responsive to my questions and concerns In addition, CME’s reimbursement policies are superior.”

Carol Kiriakos, MD QME

“As a QME, I have found this job to challenge me to put not only my clinical and analytical skill set to good use, but to also see that regardless of the mechanisms of injury and reported claims, no two applicant stories are alike. In working with CME, this company runs as an efficient and well-oiled machine. It is obvious that Drs. Gabor Vari and Greg Marusak care deeply about their QME doctors who work for their organization, as evidenced by the steps and great strides they took to walk me through the report writing process and discussion analysis work needed for me to write great reports, as they helped me to clearly convey my opinions throughout my 1st year while working for California Medical Evaluators. The scheduling, billing, chaperone and IT teams are equally proficient and understand and work with busy doctors’ needs by being very responsive to our individual needs. The company has been helpful in also increasing my visibility as a QME through various suggestions and PR outreach work. They are also always approachable by phone and email when issues arise. Additionally, on a lighter but relevant note, I have traveled practically to all parts of L.A. and the greater valley regions, putting lots of miles on my car! I have had the opportunity to catch up with several professional audio-books on my long commutes to and from my 10 QME offices. CME is a top notch organization. I have compared the experiences that my other QME colleagues (who are working for companies other than CME) have experienced, and CME far surpasses my expectations of excellence.”

Stephen Nichols, MD QME
Orthopedic Surgery

“ With CME, I have been able to hone in on some skills with regards to the QME reports.”