QME Course: 6 Credit

QME Course: 6 Credit

Instructions: After viewing all the videos, please complete multiple choice quiz at the end. Upon successful completion, you will be emailed a certificate of completion, usually within 1 business day.

Please note that course access expires 90 days after registration. Additional 30-day access can be purchased by contacting qmecourse@calmedeval.com

6-Credit Online Course Includes:

  • Lecture 1: Introduction and the QME’s Role in the Disability Evaluation Process
  • Lecture 2: QME Rules and Regulations
  • Lecture 3: The Language of Workers’ Compensation
  • Lecture 4: The Complicated Mechanics of Report Writing
  • Quiz: Multiple Choice Quiz

Course Information:

Estimated Time: 6 hours

Course Instructor

Gabor Vari M.D. Gabor Vari M.D. Author

Gabor Vari is CEO and co-founder of California Medical Evaluators. California Medical Evaluators (CME) is a leading provider of qualified medical examination (QME), independent medical examination (IME) and medical expert services headquartered in West Los Angeles, Calif. CME’s broad network of qualified physician experts perform over 4,000 medical examinations annually. Founded in 2010 by physicians, CME has become a leader in the California QME market while also providing IME services, fitness for duty evaluations, and disability evaluations for the legal and insurance industries

Online Course 6 Credit

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