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QME Deposition Preparation Training
Deposition anxiety is a common feeling amongst QMEs across the state of California.  However, depositions are an important part of the QME process and it is inevitable that all QMEs will be deposed at some point.
If you ask yourself the following questions, this course is right for you:
  • How can I avoid being deposed?
  • How do I properly prepare for a deposition?
  • What do I focus on during the deposition?
  • What do I after a deposition?
This online training will answer these questions and help QMEs understand the rationale and to be best prepared for depositions.
Whether you are a newly appointed or a seasoned expert, this online  course is a must have for any QME.

Course Details

Estimated Time: 1 hour

Course Instructor

Gabor Vari M.D. Gabor Vari M.D. Author

Deposition Survival Guide for QMEs

90 days of access


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