In the News: Northwestern University Professor Permitted to Return to Campus After Fitness for Duty

According to an article from The Daily Northwestern, the University has dropped a campus ban on a political science professor allowing her to come back and teach her class after undergoing a required psychological fitness for duty evaluation.

At the end of July, the University put Ms. Jacqueline Stevens, a tenured professor, on immediate leave and prohibited her from contact with students pending her completion of a fitness for duty evaluation with a University-chosen psychiatrist. Their decision was based on reports that she posed a threat to campus safety (specifically, that she had spoken aggressively with colleagues and exhibited threatening behavior during an incident with another political science professor – Professor Alvin Tillery).

Professor Stevens’ adamantly denies the University’s allegations of threatening behavior and provides her account of the events leading up to the ban and fitness for duty evaluation on her blog. On the other hand, Professor Tillery’s comments can be found on his Facebook page and here. A more informative account of the incidences surrounding the University’s decision to require Ms. Stevens undergo a psychological examination can be found at The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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