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A Fitness for Duty Evaluation (FFDE) is a medical examination conducted by a physician to determine whether an employee is fit (physically, mentally or emotionally) to perform essential job functions. FFDEs are usually requested by employers or government agencies if there is reasonable concern that an employee may be unable to do his/her job because of a medical/psychological condition. FFDEs might also be requested in instances where an employee may be a threat to himself/herself or others.

California Medical Evaluators receives frequent requests for FFDEs from state and federal agencies, private and public companies, HR firms, universities, municipalities, and other organizations. Our physicians performing FFDEs are provided with the same practice management services offered to QME physicians, including report writing review. At CME, we guarantee that you will receive the training and support you need to excel in all types of medical-legal work.


Employers and HR Firms

Although there are no certifications beyond a medical license required to perform an FFDE, it is wise to use a physician with previous experience to ensure that the proceedings run smoothly. In fact, the #1 complaint of employers is that the medical expert performing the exam was not familiar with the process. Physicians without experience will often write reports focusing on diagnoses and treatment rather than the issues the employer needs addressed, or they may have difficulty being compliant with the laws pertaining to FFDEs.

CME works with many physicians all over the state of California who have extensive experience performing Fitness for Duty Evaluations. We have medical professionals in all specialties and can work with you to find the expert you need. Our services include:

  • Employee Medical Evaluations
  • Employee Psychological Evaluations
  • Post-Offer Job Applicant Evaluations
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations
  • Job Applicant Screening & Personal Testing
  • “Direct Threat” Psychological Evaluations
  • Disability Evaluations