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CME provides full-service medical legal management for our QMEs and AMEs. CME makes the physician’s experience in becoming a QME (or joining our group) as smooth as possible. Our proprietary practice management system allows you to simply see your applicant and dictate your report; there is no full-time office to manage, staff or billing worries. Our concierge service provides all scheduling, offices, transcription, billing, DWC compliance and clear organized and concise records uploaded for easy access. CME physicians are also assigned a personal scheduler to handle all phone calls, questions and paperwork. We foster a professional and collegial environment in which physicians routinely provide peer to peer consultation to one another. CME utilizes a rigorous training process to ensure that all physicians are familiar with complex medical legal concepts. This process results in comprehensive and fair reports that are widely respected by the legal and insurance communities.



CME’s physicians are widely respected by both applicant and defense bars and are frequently selected as Qualified Medical Evaluators and Agreed Medical Evaluators. CME doctors are promptly available and issue timely and thorough evaluations that are consistently evidence based. Reports are based on reasonable medical probability and are considered substantial medical evidence. The evaluations include appropriate psychological testing, address both parties’ concerns, contain a thorough review of records, and address applicable labor code and case law. CME’s comprehensive and prompt reports help reduce case length, facilitate settlement, and reduce the need for supplemental reports and depositions. When supplemental reports or depositions are requested, our doctors and staff will rapidly respond to meet your needs. From start to finish, the evaluation process will be professionally handled by our dedicated and highly trained office staff.