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Is Employer or Employee Knowledge of a Pre-Existing Disability Required for SIBTF Benefit Eligibility?

That was the question at the heart of Ferguson v. IAC (1958) 50 Cal.2d 469. Lester Ferguson was a 43 year old meat cutter who fractured his right hip at work in 1956. After the fracture, it was discovered that Mr. Ferguson suffered from progressive muscular dystrophy. This was not known to either Mr. Ferguson […]

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What is Subsequent Injuries Benefit Trusts Fund (SIBTF)?

What is SIBTF? The SIBTF, or Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund, is a fund established and administered by the California Division of Workers Compensation. The purpose of the fund is two-fold: to encourage employers to offer employment to workers with pre-existing disabilities to encourage workers with pre-existing disabilities to seek employment SIBTF accomplishes these two […]

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