Kari E Tervo, PhD, QME


KARI TERVO, PH.D., QME, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who also performs neuropsychology exams.
She is available for in-person and remote PQMEs, AMEs, and Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) at
several locations throughout California.



Dr. Tervo has almost 20 years of experience in the workers’
compensation field. In 2007, she started providing ancillary services such as record review and report
editing. In 2014, she became a licensed QME. Her expertise is also sought by other doctors–part of her
current QME practice involves providing QME report consultation.


In her evaluations, Dr. Tervo provides thorough, informed
questioning and well-reasoned medical-legal analyses that can contribute to successful case resolution.
Her efforts save the time and resources of the parties–her reports provide adequate information and
analysis such that she is very rarely called for clarifying depositions.

Dr. Tervo engages applicants in a friendly and respectful way. Some
applicants may find the workers’ compensation evaluation process to be daunting, but Dr. Tervo’s focus
on rapport increases applicant disclosure and continued cooperation in the workers’ compensation


Dr. Tervo received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the
University of Michigan, where she won numerous awards and scholarships, graduating with High
Distinction as a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She earned a Master of Arts degree and a Doctor of
Philosophy degree in clinical psychology from the University of Maryland, where she specialized in
schizophrenia and neuropsychology. She went on to perform a fellowship in neuropsychology at
University of Pennsylvania.
She has worked in a number of environments, including forensic and hospital settings. Her scope of
diagnostic expertise is expansive and ranges from depression, anxiety, pain, and adjustment disorders to
severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.
Dr. Tervo also provides cognitive-behavioral therapy and neuropsychology evaluations in her private
practice, as well as medical-legal evaluations in the general forensic environment.


Dr. Tervo enjoys public speaking, writing essays, and making papercraft art in her spare
time. She has won awards for all three.

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