Stewart A Lonky, MD, QME


Stewart Lonky, MD, QME, is a licensed Pulmonologist who is available for PQMEs, AMEs or Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) at several locations throughout California.


Stewart Lonky, MD, QME, is one of the leading Internal Medicine/Pulmonology specialists performing QME and AME evaluations in Los Angeles. He has been in practice doing medical-legal work since 1984, both evaluating and treating injured workers, and has also served as an expert IME in many cases concerning pulmonary disease and toxic exposures.

Dr. Lonky received his Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Lawrence University and his Doctor of Medicine degree from State University of New York. He completed an internship at State University Kings County Hospital and a residency at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, MO and at the University of California, San Diego. He completed a fellowship in pulmonary disease and biochemistry at National Institutes of Health at University of California, San Diego. He then served for 6 years as a member of the full-time teaching and research faculty at UC San Diego before starting a private practice in 1982.

Dr. Lonky co-authored the book, Invisible Killers; The Truth About Environmental Genocide, published in 2007, and has appeared on numerous radio and television news shows to discuss the topic of every day toxic exposures and how they can affect human health. He serves on the Board of directors of Nutrapharma Corporation (Coral Springs, FL) and Histologies Corporation (Anaheim, CA) and previously served as Chief Medical Officer of Trylon Corporation (Torrance, CA), responsible for all research and regulatory work for that medical device company. Dr. Lonky currently has a busy pulmonary medicine practice in Westchester treating patients with various lung diseases and conditions.

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