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Pursuant to California Code of Regulations, Title 8 §11.5, prior to appointment as a new QME, all physicians must complete at least 12 hours of approved instruction on disability evaluation report writing. This Online 12-hr Report Writing Course is approved by the DWC to satisfy this requirement.

This Course Includes:

Lecture 1: Introduction and the QME’s Role in the Disability Evaluation Process
Lecture 2: QME Rules and Regulations
Lecture 3: The Language of Workers’ Compensation
Lecture 4: Disability Evaluation Protocols
Lecture 5: The Third Party Perspective: Developing Substantial Medical Evidence
Lecture 6: The “Good” Report
Lecture 7: The Complicated Mechanics of Report Writing
Distance Learning Exercise: Submit Sample Report

Printable resources and samples to accompany each lecture


Course Details

Estimated Time: 12 hours

Course Instructor

Gabor Vari M.D. Gabor Vari M.D. Author

QME Report Writing Course – Online Version

150 days of access