Expert Hand Surgeon in Los Angeles

According to recent data from the United States Bone and Joint Initiative, it is estimated that 18% of all health care visits were related to musculoskeletal conditions. More specifically, hand injuries are common and account for around 10% of emergency department (ED) visits nationwide. An expert hand surgeon treats these conditions and better understands hand anatomy and function, which are crucial in determining cause and prognosis.

As a result it is important to leverage an expert hand surgeon that is not only board certified in injuries of the hand, but also has several years of experience in dealing with hand injuries. The right expert hand surgeon will posses strong examination skills and knowledge of indications for treatment.   Therefore, when the injury in question is related to the hand, wrist, elbow or arm, it is important to find the right expert hand surgeon to conduct an independent medical examination (IME), perform a review of records, consult on a case or to act as an expert witness.

When evaluating the need for a expert hand surgeon, it is important to thoroughly vet the expert to ensure they have a strong educational background and also significant surgical experience.  We leverage a proven process for ensuring all of our hand surgeons in Los Angeles, will get you the answers your need to complex disputed medical issues.

If your case involves lacerations, fractures and dislocations, soft tissue injuries and amputations, infections, burns and crushing injuries of the hand, it is important to leverage an expert hand surgeon for your case.  Leveraging a general orthopedic surgeon will not produce the results you desire.

We have several board certified hand surgeons (certificate in Surgery of the Hand) available for Expert Witness, Independent Medical Evaluator (IME), Qualified Medical Evaluator, Agreed Medical Evaluator (AME), and medical records review.  You can use our online form to request an expert hand surgeon or call us at 888-963-8933.

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