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Important Questions to Ask When Considering a QME Practice Management Company

Making the decision on WHO should manage your QME practice is extremely important to ensure success.  There are many QME practice management companies on the market eager to win your business, however, a majority of them will NOT be the right fit for you.  Please consider the following crucial items when interviewing QME practice management […]

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Psychiatric Fitness for Duty Evaluations in Los Angeles

California Medical Evaluators, Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Psychiatric Fitness For Duty Evaluations in Los Angeles and Orange County

Request a Medical Expert online or call 888.963.8933! There has been an increase in requests for Psychiatric Fitness for Duty Evaluations in Los Angeles and Orange County over the last several years. A Psychiatric Fitness for Duty Evaluation (FFDE), also referred to as a Psych Fitness for Duty Evaluation, is an examination conducted by a medical professional […]

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Pain Expert Witness for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Pain Expert Witness Needs for Claimant Injuries Related to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) According to a well-known pain expert witness, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a condition that is not easily identifiable but often appears in personal injury cases.  CRPS can cause issues for both parties due to the general lack of understanding […]

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California Medical Evaluators

October 17, 2018: DWC to Hold Pre-rulemaking Public Meeting on New Medical-Legal Fee Schedule

The California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, October 17 to discuss the structure of a new medical-legal fee schedule for the workers’ compensation system. This fee schedule is used to compensate physicians for examinations and reports that decide issues of compensability for work-related injuries. DWC posted a notice […]

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DWC Agrees to Enforce QME Rules ‘As Written’ to Settle Lawsuits

The California Division of Workers’ Compensation agreed to enforce medical-legal billing rules as they are written as part of a settlement with eight doctors who accused the agency of relying on underground regulations to deny their reappointment as qualified medical evaluators. Although the division didn’t admit to using regulations that weren’t properly vetted by going […]

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Fraud Report, California Medical Evaluators

California Medical Evaluators, Fraud Report

Fraud Report

Fraud Report On February 20, 2018, the California Department of Worker’s Compensation (DWC), issued a fraud report, where it suspended 20 medical providers for fraud.  That brings the total number of medical providers suspended by the DWC to 247, you can review the complete list of suspended providers here. The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) […]

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Expert Hand Surgeon in Los Angeles

According to recent data from the United States Bone and Joint Initiative, it is estimated that 18% of all health care visits were related to musculoskeletal conditions. More specifically, hand injuries are common and account for around 10% of emergency department (ED) visits nationwide. An expert hand surgeon treats these conditions and better understands hand anatomy and function, […]

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Neuro IME

Expert Witness, Independent Medical Examination (IME)

Neuro IME in San Diego

There are many reasons you would need an expert Neurologist for a Neuro IME or Neurology expert witness.  Neurologists evaluate neurological conditions (problems with the nervous system). If your clients exhibit symptoms such as, muscle weakness, change in sensation, coordination problems, confusion or dizziness, they would likely require a neurology IME. If your client is suffering […]

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