How to Find the Right IME in San Diego

When selecting an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) in San Diego, it is important to be very selective.  Although, there are 100’s of providers available to conduct IMEs, not all of them have the knowledge, experience and ability to deliver on your IME needs.

Recently, I have spoken to several adjusters, attorneys, paralegals and other professionals in the San Diego area on how to best find the IME expert that will address their needs.  Just the other day, I just spoke to a paralegal in San Diego County who has spent countless hours on the phone looking for the right Psychiatrist IME for a specific case.  Many calls, emails and web requests left him with a few questionable IMEs.

His situation is not unique, I have heard much of the same from many individuals across the state of California. It is clear that finding the right IME expert that is reliable, delivers a quality report and delivers that report on time can take time.

This is because, not only do you need to find an IME expert in San Diego, you need to evaluate them based on specific clinical experience, history of IME thoroughness and reliability, you cannot just evaluate them on just cost or convenience.  The right IME will have much more to offer, such as the knowledge to identify causation and provide a clear view of what is going on, medically.

If you were to look for an IME in San Diego on your own, it would take time to conduct the necessary due diligence to ensure the IME has the skill set you require and would deliver a quality report on time.  It would be much better to let a partner do this for you. A partner that has several San Diego IMEs to choose from, all that will meet your unique requirements.

Furthermore, it should be easy to find the IME in San Diego you need.  Using an online request a San Diego IME form will simplify the selection process.

Finding the right IME in San Diego can be simple and worry free. No matter the physician specialty or the reason for the evaluation, we have what you need in San Diego.

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