Orthopedic IME in Los Angeles

Orthopedic IME in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, there is high demand for Orthopedic experts.  The limited number of Orthopedic Surgeons available to conduct an Orthopedic IME in Los Angeles, creates an environment where demand outstrips supply.  When this happens, it is even more crucial to do your due diligence on the expert Orthopedic Surgeon that you may want to retain for your specific case.  Settling for whomever is available, may not be your best option.  However, there are several factors you must consider if you need to request an Ortho IME in Los Angeles:

  1. Location of Injury: Specifically, what part of the body did the injury occur?   Was the injury focused on a single area, such as the back or spine, the hands, the ankles or feet, knees, pelvis or hips, shoulders, or elbows?  Was it multi area?  Many orthopedic surgeons specialize in a single area, so it is best to retain an Ortho expert that has experience in that area.
  2. Ortho Specific Education and Experience: What is the experts education background and what scientific papers have they authored?  This information is key to retaining the right Orthopedic IME for your case.  Look for experts that have authored scientific peer review articles or papers on the specific injury you are questioning.
  3. Experience in the Med-Legal Environment.  Retaining and orthopedic surgeon who has several years of experience as an expert witness or in conducting IMEs will not only make it easier for you, it will dramatically improve your case.

Furthermore, the more details you can provide during the initial IME search, the higher the likelihood that you will retain the right medical expert for the IME needed.

Retaining a high Quality Orthopedic IME in Los Angeles can be a time consuming arduous process.  With an extensive network of orthopedic experts available for IMEs, we take all of the grunt work out of the search process and ensure you have the expert that will significantly help your case.

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