DWC Approved QME 12 Hour Report Writing Course & Test Prep

With the April 2018 QME competency exam just a month away, it is time to reserve your spot for the QME 12 Hour Report Writing Course & Test Prep offered by DWC approved provider, California Medical Evaluators.

Did you know that the pass rate for the October 2017 QME competency exam was just 56%!  A total of 113 physicians sat for the exam and just 63 passed!  Improve your chance of success by enrolling in one of our courses today.  As a matter of fact, 77% of the physicians who took our in-person course last October, actually passed the exam…significantly higher than the norm.

We have 2 DWC approved Report Writing Courses available:

  1. In-Person 12-hour Report Writing Course & Test Prep:  This course will be held on Saturday April 21, 2018 at the Del Rey Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey.  Space is limited, so enroll in this course ASAP. (This is the recommended course for all QME exam takers). Learn more and enroll is the in person QME report writing course (click here)
  2. Online 12-hour QME Report Writing Course: If you are unable to take the in-person 12-hour report writing course & test prep, we also offer an online/self paced course.  This course is done 100% online. Learn more and enroll is the online QME report writing course (click here)

If you are already part of the California Medical Evaluators group, you are eligible to take both courses free of charge! To become a member, please complete this form online and one of our consultants will walk you through joining our group.

Furthermore, of the 63 physicians that passed the October 2018 QME competency exam, 17 have selected California Medical Evaluators as their QME practice management company.  That is far more than any other practice management vendor in California.  This is because we take education and mentorship seriously and have consistently been the choice for new QMEs.

California Medical Evaluators IS the choice for new QMEs, experience our difference today and join our QME network.


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