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Fitness for Duty Evaluation Los AngelesFitness for Duty Evaluations are very often needed in Los Angeles and Orange County. However, many employers don’t  have previous experience with Fitness for Duty Evaluations, and there are a lot of issues to consider. For instance, how do you know if a Fitness for Duty Evaluation would be appropriate? What kind of physician do you need to perform the evaluation? How will you find a physician to do it?

Below, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Fitness for Duty Evaluations from the employer’s perspective.

What is a Fitness for Duty Evaluation?

A Fitness for Duty Evaluation, also called an FFDE, is a medical or psychological evaluation required by an employer to determine whether an employee is fit (physically, mentally or emotionally) to perform the essential functions of his/her job.

Who would request a Fitness for Duty Evaluation?

Fitness for Duty Evaluations would usually be requested by lawyers, insurance companies, government agencies or employers. School districts often request FFDEs for teachers in cases where the teacher has gone on leave and wishes to return to work, but there are concerns about his/her mental fitness.

How would the employer know if a Fitness for Duty Evaluation was appropriate?

Fitness for Duty Evaluations are requested when an employer has a reasonable belief based on objective evidence that an employee’s ability to perform essential job functions may have been impaired due to a medical/psychological condition. An employer might also request an FFDE if there is reason to believe that an employee poses a threat to himself/herself or others due to a medical/psychological condition. Examples of situations where an FFDE would be needed might be if an employee was displaying bizarre behavior indicative of a possible untreated mental disorder. For more information about Psychiatric Fitness for Duty Evaluations, click here.

What kind of physician would perform a Fitness for Duty Evaluation?

Any board-certified physician can perform a Fitness for Duty Evaluation. No special certifications are needed, but it is wise to use a physician who has previous experience with FFDEs to ensure that the process runs smoothly. As a matter of fact, the #1 complaint of HR professionals is that the doctor performing the exam is not familiar with the process.

How can an employer find the right type of physician with FFDE experience?

California Medical Evaluators (CME) works with many doctors in Los Angeles/Orange County and all over the state of California who have experience conducting Fitness for Duty Evaluations. We have doctors in all specialties and can work with you to find the doctor you need. To request a fitness for duty evaluation, click here.

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