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Psychiatric Fitness for Duty Evaluations in Los AngelesThere has been an increase in requests for Psychiatric Fitness for Duty Evaluations in Los Angeles and Orange County over the last several years. A Psychiatric Fitness for Duty Evaluation (FFDE), also referred to as a Psych Fitness for Duty Evaluation, is an examination conducted by a medical professional to assess whether an employee has a psychological condition that affects his/her ability to perform essential job functions.

A Psychiatric Fitness for Duty Evaluation is usually requested by an employer who notices that an employee’s behavior has recently become concerning. For example, an employee with generally good conduct has become unexpectedly hostile toward others or has started displaying bizarre behavior, which could indicate an undiagnosed mental disorder. A Psychiatric FFDE may also be necessary if an employee is suddenly unable to perform mental tasks at work due to a possible injury or other physical condition. Employers will often request a Psychiatric FFDE for an employee who has been on leave but wishes to return to work if there are continuing concerns about the employee’s state of mind. School districts frequently request Psychiatric FFDEs for teachers in such cases.

A Psychiatric Fitness for Duty Evaluation should be performed by a board-certified psychiatrist. In order to do an FFDE, doctors don’t need to have any special certifications beyond a medical license. However, it is valuable to use a doctor who has experience performing Psychiatric FFDEs. In fact, the #1 complaint among HR professionals is that the physician performing the examination was not familiar with the process. Doctors without experience will often write their reports focusing on diagnoses and treatment instead of the issues employers need addressed, or they may have difficulty being compliant with the laws pertaining to FFDEs.

California Medical Evaluators (CME) works with many doctors in Los Angeles and Orange County as well as all over the state of California who regularly conduct Psychiatric Fitness for Duty Evaluations and other types of medical-legal evaluations. We carefully select our doctors to ensure that they have the proper education and experience to perform high-quality evaluations. To request a medical expert, click here.