Important Questions to Ask When Considering a QME Practice Management Company

Making the decision on WHO should manage your QME practice is extremely important to ensure success.  There are many QME practice management companies on the market eager to win your business, however, a majority of them will NOT be the right fit for you.  Please consider the following crucial items when interviewing QME practice management vendors:

Management Expertise:

     1. What educational/clinical backgrounds does the management team have?

     2. Do they provide a strong mix of clinical and business management?

Industry Knowledge:

     3. What are they doing to advocate for QME’s?

     4. How will they evolve your practice to meet regulatory changes?


     5. What educational courses do they provide to you?

     6. Do they employ certified impairment rating specialists to provide mentorship on your QME reports?


     7. What steps, in-detail, do they perform to ensure your QME practice and reports are in compliance with state laws and regulations?

     8. How do they communicate regulatory changes to QMEs?

Marketing & Promotion:

     9. Do they invest in the right marketing and promotional activities to increase your opportunity? If so, what specific activities do they invest in?


     10. When and how will you get paid for the cases you complete?

     11. What is the overall collections rate?

     12. What is the process for down coded/unpaid bills?

A successful QME practice requires two key elements; clinical expertise AND QME practice management expertise.  Success will only come when both of these elements work in harmony.

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