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Orthopedic Surgery Expert Witness San Bernardino RiversideOrthopedic Surgery Expert Witnesses are in high demand all over the state of California, but especially in San Bernardino County and Riverside County in recent years. Winning a case involving an injury may depend on your expert witness testimony, but how can you be sure to choose the best orthopedic surgeon? What should you look for in your selection process?

Here are the top 5 things you should take into account when choosing an orthopedic expert witness:

Credentials: Juries tend to be most impressed with physicians who have attended top schools. Clinical experience is also a factor. Physicians who have been practicing for several years tend to be more credible in a courtroom than new physicians because there is the assumption that a more experienced physician would be better qualified to assess a complicated injury. Medical experts with research experience pertaining to the case are also highly valuable.

Hands-On Experience: Jurors tend to find a medical expert much more credible if he/she has had hands-on experience with the subject matter. For example, an orthopedic surgeon who has physically examined the plaintiff will seem more credible than one who has only reviewed medical records.

Well-Spoken: It’s very important for a medical expert to be articulate and capable of clearly explaining complicated ideas. You could have an orthopedic surgeon with incredible credentials, but if the expert is not able to describe the medical issues so that the jury of non-medical professionals can comprehend, you may lose the case. Also, many physicians for whom English is a second language may have difficulty being understood due to a thick accent, which is another matter to consider.

Temperament: Regardless of what happens in the courtroom, a successful expert witness must appear polite and calm at all times. An orthopedic expert who is personable can go a long way to win over a jury and may even make up for other shortcomings.

Expert Witness Experience: Obtaining an expert witness with previous experience as an expert witness is also valuable. If the physician has been an expert witness before, then he/she will have already proven that he/she has all of the traits previously mentioned that make a successful expert witness.

In the final analysis, there are countless factors that affect how a jury perceives your expert, but you will be in a good position if you keep these 5 things in mind when choosing your orthopedic expert witness.

California Medical Evaluators has numerous board-certified medical experts in all specialties available for IMEs, QMEs, AMEs and Expert Witness Engagements. Vicente Bernabe is one of our most sought after orthopedic surgeons in the Riverside area with over 20 years of surgical experience and extensive knowledge of IME cases. You can request an orthopedic expert witness online or call us at 888.963.8933.

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