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Fitness for Duty Ventura and KernFitness for Duty Evaluations (FFDEs) are regularly requested in Bakersfield, which is part of Kern County. However, most employers don’t have much experience with Fitness for Duty Evaluations, and there are many issues that need to be taken into account. For example, can an employer require a Fitness for Duty Exam? What type of doctor should be used? How can an employer find the right doctor?

Below, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning Fitness for Duty Evaluations from the employer’s viewpoint.

What is an FFDE?

A Fitness for Duty Evaluation is a medical examination of an employee to determine whether the employee is physically or psychologically capable of performing necessary job functions. FFDEs are most often requested by insurance companies, lawyers, employers or government agencies.

Can an employer require a Fitness for Duty Exam?

An employer can require an employee to take an FFDE if:

  • There is reason to believe that the employee’s mental or physical condition could prevent him/her from doing a job.
  • The employee poses a threat to himself/herself or others.

However, the employer’s belief must be based on facts, not assumptions or stereotypes. For instance, if a person has been suffering from PTSD but has never given any indication that he/she poses a physical threat or can’t perform essential job functions, an employer could not request an FFDE. People with disabilities are protected by law, so there would need to be justifiable cause for the FFDE.

What type of doctor would conduct a Fitness for Duty Evaluation?

Any board-certified doctor can perform an FFDE. No specific certifications are required, but it’s prudent to employ a doctor with prior experience conducting FFDEs to make sure that everything goes smoothly. The physician specialties most frequently requested are psychiatry, neurology, cardiology, internal medicine, neuropsychology and orthopedic surgery, but other specialties may be requested depending on the situation. Psychiatric Fitness for Duty Evaluations are the most common type of FFDE. For more information about Psychiatric FFDEs, click here.

How can an employer find the type of doctor needed who also has FFDE experience?

California Medical Evaluators (CME) works with 150 doctors in Bakersfield as well as all across the state of California who have extensive experience performing FFDEs. We have doctors in all specialties and can help you find the doctor that you’re looking for. To request a medical expert, click here.

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