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Carol Soloway, DC, QME


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Carol Soloway, DC, QME is a licensed Chiropractor who is available for PQMEs, AMEs or Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) at several locations throughout California.

DR. Soloway BIO:

Carol Soloway, DC, received her Bachelor of Science degree in English education at New York University and a Doctor of Chiropractic at Los Angeles Chiropractic College. She is currently the president of International Association of Women in Orange County. She has also been a lecturer and board member for the Academy of Forensic & Industrial Chiropractic Consultants and a board member for the California Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Soloway has been known for completing medical record reviews within 24 hours and is very experienced in writing and reviewing PR-4, QME and AME reports. She has extensive knowledge of medical treatment utilization schedules (MTUS) to include referencing official disability guidelines (ODG) and American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM). She has been performing qualified medical evaluations since 1988.